ESXi4.1 どうやらバグのよう


2. 2010/10/26 8:45 上記への返信: wjstarck
Re: Upgraded 4.0 -> 4.1, now mouse won’t reach bottom of screen
We saw the same issue with the mouse not tracking correctly to the task bar when opening the vsphere client in full screen after our upgrade from 4 to 4.1. What we saw was the mouse would not go to the bottom of the screen when in full screen mode. This directly correlated with the amount of screen visible when the console was initially opened. The autofit window option seems to be buggy. Here is my workaround until it is fixed in the next patch release.

When you open your console for the virtual machine, grab the bottom right corner of the console until the entire virtual machine desktop is viewable. I usually take it out until I have a little bit of the black border around the whole virtual machine. Then I go to full screen mode. Your mouse will then track properly on the virtual machine. I have reported this bug to vmware and have been told it will be fixed in the next patch release that hopefully will hit the street in Jan 2011.

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