Holidays in Guam

Posting blog from netcafe in Guam. Charge is $1.00 /20min. Not so bad. This netcafe was not here in this shopping mall when I visited Guam 2 years ago so should be quite recently opened. After enjoying shopping here I and my son will go to gocart circuit and my son only plays the cart.  The max speed might be around 50km/hr and we can be excited if the speed is so.

This morning I and my families enjoyed fishing and swimming at Ritidian Beach which is located at the very north of Guam Island and about 20km from the Hotel we stay. The Japanese  rent-a-car companies do not recommend to go by car there as the road and street are bumping. Also the tide of the shore is very fast despite the shore is surrounded by coral leaf. So it is not safe for foreign visitors to swim there.


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