Hiking to Mt. Ohmuro

I have selected Mt. Ohmuro for one day hiking using my car. It took 90 minutes from my home.

Honda Freed,my car. I parked the car at the car park attached to Nishitanzawa Visitor Center.
The river along with hiking route which is closed to the Visitor Center.
Heading for Yokisawa Deai, a turning point to Mt. Ohmuro.
Collapsed mountain trail. No car but hiker can passable.
Took photo for wild bird which is not known to me.
Waterfall everywhere as the trail is along with the river.
The trail gets tougher.
There are many chances to cross the wooden bridge.
Again small waterfall.
A big frog frightened me. He(she) was so stout.
Shiraishi Watewrfall. Still it takes much to Shiraisi Pass.
Trails to Mt. Ohmuro invlove so many wooden pass and stairs.
Stairs are so slippery today because of fogs and rain.
Again big frog. This time it seemed he was not cozy to doodle with human being.
Arrived at Shiraisshi Pass. 3km to Mt. Ohmuro. it is 3.8km from Yokisawa Deai.
Valuable and the only good scenery today. Can not enjoy good view at all for all other time because of gas and fog.
We can enjoy easy and cozy walking from Shiraishi Pass to Mt. Ohmuro.
There were so many cicada through the trails and they are too noisy.
Arrived at Mt. Kanyudosan. One hour to Mt. Ohmuro.
Mae Ohmuro point.
Arrived today’s target, Mt. Ohmuro. It took more than 5 hours from start.
Now it is time for lunch. I have cooked beef curry today with 3 Onigiri balls. It’s so yummy.
I was not able to find no many mushrooms today.
This white flower tree was so gorgeous.
Waterfall along with the pass to starting area.
One of the most beautiful waterfalls through the trail.
Returned to Yokisawa Deai. During the descending route, I was annoyed with muscle pain at the legs. Apparently it was because of not enough daily practice. I need to practice more.

Unfortunately the weather was not good despite the good weather forecast by Yamano Tenki and this weather made me falling down 3 times when descending from Mt. Ohmuro to Yokisawa Deai which might be also caused by fatigue.

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